Month: December 2013

Day 18-22

Well it’s been awhile! Toronto had a major ice storm come through and create havoc for thousands of people across the region. Lost power for two days! I did get a bit lazy though when the power did end up coming back haha. I was fortunate though, there are some people that I know of […]

Daily Inspiration

A lovely blogger shared this article with me earlier, thought this could be my daily inspiration for today 🙂 Thanks for the share Deanna! 20 steps to Happiness.

Day 17

Today was pretty quiet, went out for a quick all you can eat sushi lunch. I didn’t feel as “depressed” today, just kind of neutral I would say.  Not so much anxiety either, which was kind of nice. I mostly feel stressed when I think about going back to school and having to write the […]

Day 16

Finished my puzzle today! Took three days and 1000 pieces later + a sore back and bruised knees. It feels nice to accomplish something like this though 🙂 Here’s the finished product: Also saw my counsellor today. Mostly talked about how things were going and what some of my thoughts were. He suggested I would […]

Day 15

Feeling a little less depressed today and not much in terms of feeling anxious. Saw a psychiatrist today. Seemed like a pretty good fit for me. He talked about how he will use some hypnosis, as well as some cognitive-behavioural therapy. We also discussed some of my thoughts including my need to want to be […]

Day 14

Two official weeks since being diagnosed with major depression have passed already. It’s crazy to think how far i’ve come in these few weeks. The tears and negative thoughts have stopped for the most part. I have a little bit more energy and my concentration is slowly coming back. I still feel kind of isolated […]