5 Things I Love About Myself

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I think it’s time I add a little positivity to the pot and write about something we should all take time and do for ourselves. This can be something I use when the bad days roll around and to keep me in tune with myself.

1. I’m kind. I would do anything to help a family member, friend, acquaintance, or stranger in need. I don’t do things because I feel the need to be nice, I do things because I want to do them. I don’t expect things in return, it’s nice to see people happy after you’re able to do something for them, whether it’s buying them a coffee, making little treat bags for Christmas, or surprising someone with a small gift for a special occasion just to make them smile. I try to make a difference and volunteer my time, I would probably give the shirt off my back to help someone if they needed it.

2.  I’m open minded. I love listening to what other people have to say and teach me. There’s so much that people have to offer which is why I love having such a diverse groups of friends and acquaintances to show me things I would otherwise not have known about or experience new things I would never have done. I love trying new things and new foods and having such a diverse group of friends gives me the motivation and fuel to go out and learn. I can sit for hours reading about random stuff relating to just about anything. People often get hurt by other people’s ignorance.

3. I love being ambitious. I always set out something to achieve and the fact that I can do most of what I set out to do. There are sometimes setbacks, but I am always willing to persevere and aim high. I also tend to face problems head on with all that i’ve got and I don’t avoid them. I also like to help people learn or fix things, hard work is something I’m willing to put time into to get the best results. I don’t like to settle for less than I deserve. I like to be the one that puts the pieces of the puzzle together.

4. I stand up for what’s right even though sometimes it’s wrong.  I am outspoken if an issue is close to my heart. I don’t mind if my opinion differs from others and I also am glad that I am someone who can restrain my temper and restrain my words in the heat of the moment. I am also not afraid to make compromises, not all things have to be about winning or losing. I am a competitive person, but I am also sportsman like and strive for fairness in any argument or debate if it’s possible.

5. I am compassionate. I can feel when others hurt and when they hurt, I hurt. When I see people I care about smile, it means a lot. I like to try to soothe others going through pain. I don’t judge other people for what they are going through, sometimes I slip on occasion though. I am honest but I know when to keep my mouth shut. I’m loyal to no end. Sometimes i’m guilty of putting others needs before my own, I like being known as thoughtful. I like being someone people can go to when they need someone to listen and give advice. I want to help people as much as I can. I constantly give people the benefit of the doubt, even though they may not always deserve it…that goes to say I have a tendency to want to believe people are good, even if sometimes they prove me otherwise.

I think anyone reading this should do this for themselves. It’s a good exercise and harder than you think to reason out why you feel that way.

– Megan