Day 10

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Home today! It’s nice to be home and have actual home cooked meals once again. Plus I got to see my other dog since he’s to hyper to sit in a car for two hours to come stay with me at school.

My mom bought be flowers for my arrival home, I will take a picture tomorrow. They look really pretty. I’m still pretty tired, hopefully this will subside soon because it’s pretty exhausting being tired all the time. I still need to work on making my sleep schedule more consistent and stop waking up in the middle of the night. Hopefully I can take the next few days to do that before I go to Costa Rica. Other than that I bought my textbooks for next term, still debating whether to take a full course load, but I guess we’ll see how i’m doing more towards when the term starts up.

Last appointment with the psychologist here for 2013 today. I think it went pretty well, we did a relaxation technique to help me reduce my anxiety. It’s cue related so eventually after practicing it for a couple weeks, I will be able to say a cue word like “relax” and my body will feel relaxed instantly. You kind of need to tense groups of muscles to get that “stressed” feeling and repeat the cue word when you release and then eventually you won’t need to do the tensing anymore. It’s pretty cool, but I must say when she was walking me through it I got extremely relaxed and fell asleep for a bit….

– Megan