Day 14

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Two official weeks since being diagnosed with major depression have passed already. It’s crazy to think how far i’ve come in these few weeks. The tears and negative thoughts have stopped for the most part. I have a little bit more energy and my concentration is slowly coming back. I still feel kind of isolated and withdrawn, but hopefully that will change in the next bit. I definitely don’t feel anxious today, I haven’t really felt that depressed either. I also kind of got a good sleep yesterday for the most part too, which was a nice change from the past few nights.

Been working on a 1000 piece puzzle all day, almost took out my back yesterday working from a stool. It’s still a work in process. I’ll have to take a picture when i’m done 🙂

Also been watching Scandal non-stop for the past two days. It’s so addicting. Already halfway through season two.