Day 15

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Feeling a little less depressed today and not much in terms of feeling anxious. Saw a psychiatrist today. Seemed like a pretty good fit for me. He talked about how he will use some hypnosis, as well as some cognitive-behavioural therapy. We also discussed some of my thoughts including my need to want to be the “best” or “perfect”. Almost like God, like nothing is ever good enough or I have to be better than other people. We also talked about how I have a need to get everyone to like me, so I go out of my way to be extra nice. But then he spun it back to me and asked if I liked everyone I met, and I said no. I guess it’s in the thought process though, so we are planning to work on these for 2-3 sessions. He said usually treating a first bout of depression takes about 6 months. Hopefully, it’ll only be 6 months with my depression.

Mostly been working on my 1000 piece puzzle. I think it was a little ambitious, there’s like 100 pieces that are the same shade of red. It’s kind of frustrating! Pretty much worked on that the whole day and continued to watch Scandal.

My knees and back are so stiff, it’s almost like a workout in itself to do this puzzle.