Day 16

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Finished my puzzle today! Took three days and 1000 pieces later + a sore back and bruised knees. It feels nice to accomplish something like this though 🙂

Here’s the finished product:

Also saw my counsellor today. Mostly talked about how things were going and what some of my thoughts were. He suggested I would be a good match for peer support groups, but he will need to get back to me on a group in London. There’s a nice program called WRAP ( that would be beneficial for anyone experiencing any form of mental health issues. It’s for both recovering and current people experiencing these issues. Not too much else, but he did recommend a workbook for me to read and do some of the activities. It’s called Mind Over Mood and it’s used for Cognitive Behavioural Therapists. It helps to get to the root of your core thoughts and values and try to change them. It’s like I either see things as black or white, there is no grey area for me. In terms of perfectionism or even trying to get everyone to like me. We want balance in our thought processes and that’s what CBT tries to work on changing. I think i’ll give it a quick read before I go to sleep.

I feel somewhat okay today. Went out and bought a cute pair of moccasins from Winners. Not really as anxious today or depressed. I did get a good sleep as well which was nice, hopefully will sleep nice again tonight 🙂