Day 17

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Today was pretty quiet, went out for a quick all you can eat sushi lunch. I didn’t feel as “depressed” today, just kind of neutral I would say.  Not so much anxiety either, which was kind of nice. I mostly feel stressed when I think about going back to school and having to write the finals I postponed. Hopefully, i’ll be able to get in some study time when I get back to school. I don’t think I will have much time to study when I am in Costa Rica.

For the most part I was incredibly tired when I woke up, even though my sleep wasn’t too bad. Ended up taking a nap after the lunch for a couple hours. Not much else to report on today I guess, I’m still kind of tired for some reason. Hopefully i’ll be more refreshed tomorrow. On a side note, I did catch up to Scandal, it got so intense! Can’t wait for it’s return in the new year.

Christmas is creeping up quickly!

– Megan