Farewell Dear Angel

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Yesterday the world truly lost a special person. Normally I wouldn’t write a blog about this, but I truly think the world is a little less bright today. I learned that my friend and fellow peer guide Francis passed away from a brief illness. It honestly feels like a punch to the heart, i feel so sick to my stomach. Like the universe is playing some cruel joke. I can’t imagine what his family would be going through at this time. I send my condolences as we all try to navigate this difficult time. I was lucky to spend time with my peer guide family and sit together and talk about how his warm smile and willingness to help and make a difference in the world will be truly missed.

If you were ever fortunate to come across him on campus you would instantly be captivated by the huge smile he always had on his face. No matter how his day went, he would instantly chat you up as soon as he saw you. He was the first peer guide I ever met 2 years ago and even though I felt kind of left out having missed the full team training he welcomed me with open arms, like we had already been friends for years. It’s going to be so weird going to meetings and not seeing his smile and hearing his voice welcoming everyone and chatting everyone up. He was the type of person who gave you their full attention when you talked to him, something hard to come by these days with people using their phones and laptops. The one person you could count on to volunteer or help out with anything. The impression he has left on so many of his fellow peer guides and his peers has been tremendous. It’s comforting to see people come together to celebrate his life, I know he’s going to be watching down on all of us. As painful as it is to lose someone like that, his passing shows how short life his and that even a simple smile can have a tremendous impact on another person. I’ll miss that and i’ll miss him and bumping into him at random times. I just wish he knew how much of an impression and impact he had on everyone, regardless of whether they knew him personally or not. I’m sure he would be happy knowing how many hearts he touched.

I sometime wonder why God could be so cruel and take someone so good away from the earth, when in reality we need more people like him around. But maybe it’s a blessing, the world isn’t always a good place and he deserves to be somewhere where he is eternally happy, i’m sure he’s going to make a great angel. He has inspired me to strive to be selfless, to not let the little things bother me, and to smile. I just wish I could have had the chance to have known him even longer and get a chance to say one last good bye, it’s devastating that it was all so sudden. It just shows that the good die young. Sometimes I just want to shout up to God and ask why is he doing this. Why is he making everyone that cared about his suffer! I just can’t understand why and I don’t ever think I will. I keep telling myself that God just wanted his angel back, but it’s hard to know that I will never get to say a goodbye or bump into him again. He had so much potential and so much to offer the world, it’s devastating to see him go. It’s just not fair.

But it’s not a goodbye, his physical presence may not be here any more but his spirit will forever be there when ever I volunteer at the International Exchange Student Centre as a peer guide. It’s more of a so long, i’ll see you on the other side my dear friend. I hope you find peace, eternal happiness, and a big screen TV that plays all the soccer games you desire to watch in heaven.

I hope to see you again one day.

– Megan