Genie you're free

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Came across this while reading an article about the last days of Robin Williams life. Such a scary and sad reality, but it’s important for people to realize that depression really is a silent scourge and it’s hard for others to pick up on the signs.

Still the world shines a little less bright with the passing of such a kind, generous, and talented man. I hope he found the peace he so desperately craved, even as the world mourns his passing his legacy will live on through the many characters he’s played on screen and all the lives he has managed to touch throughout his life.

As said by many others “Genie, you’re free”.


The fact that Williams gave little outward indication that something was gravely wrong in the days before taking his own life is “a common phenomenon, and a frustrating one,” says Dr. Jay P. Singh, a Washington, D.C.-based expert on suicide and mental illness.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to disorders like depression, it’s a silent scourge. It’s such a quiet disorder,” says Dr. Singh. “There is a good amount of research as well as anecdotal evidence that shows right before a suicide occurs is the time period when individuals judged by mental health professionals are seen as being at low risk of suicide.

“A number of people over the last few days have questioned the last things [Williams] did, or shouldn’t his wife have picked up on something. At the end of the day, it’s exceedingly difficult to pick up on signs and symptoms that place someone at imminent risk.”

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