R.I.P. Robin Williams

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With the passing of Robin Williams, who I personally was one of the greatest comedians and actors or his generation, its brings attention to an often stigmatized and hidden issue in our society. Its truly devastating to see someone who brought so much joy and talent to the world struggle so much in private. With his passing I hope some light and discussion can be shed on mental health issues, particularly since so many of us suffer in silence, too afraid to reach out for help. Having suffered through my own struggles with severe depression, I have gone through and understand the daily struggles and pain of living with such a debilitating, unrelenting, and oftentimes unforgiving illness. I know there’s still an uphill battle in tackling issues related to mental health, but I sincerely hope this helps pave the way for an open discussiob on how we can help those that are suffering and have reached out and those who are too afraid or may not know where to turn too.

– M