Month: December 2014

The happiness project.

Decided to take on a new project today while roaming around my school’s bookstore. I randomly came across the journal section and stumbled upon a journal called “The Happiness Project”. Essentially, it is a 5 year journal, where you only write one sentence a day. It’ll be cool once the journal is finished as it […]

Approaching someone you care about.

I think one of the toughest things to grasp is trying to figure out how to help someone you think may have depression. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately as I feel that someone very close to me has been struggling a lot lately. I have also been told by countless amounts of […]

The depression we share.

Such an enlightening video, so many feelings come to mind watching the video about my own personal experience with depression. I have honestly been looking for a video for so long to express my feelings on depression, but this video is as close as I can find thus far. Especially how many of us try […]


Looking for a cool guided mediation session online to practice on your own? Turn up your speakers and have a look at this UCLA link for some free guided mediations. It even gives you a link for those who are new to the technique to start with the 5-minute breathing mediation. All the podcasts are […]

Free podcast.

While roaming around online, I came across some free podcasts from the University of Oxford called the “New Psychology of Depression”, so I thought I would share it with others. It’s a bit dated (October 2011), but I feel it would still be relevant to many people. In total there are 10 podcasts, with some […]


This paragraph from the article below is such a common theme with many young people that have opened up to loved ones: “I remember sitting at the kitchen table speaking with my parents about how I felt really depressed. I was in my early twenties and they clearly just didn’t understand. I know that it’s […]