The happiness project.

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Decided to take on a new project today while roaming around my school’s bookstore. I randomly came across the journal section and stumbled upon a journal called “The Happiness Project”. Essentially, it is a 5 year journal, where you only write one sentence a day. It’ll be cool once the journal is finished as it will have captured my life for the past five years and reflect on what’s changed. In the end I will have written one sentence for 365 days, and captured 1,825 moments or thoughts. I think its pretty neat, and it was only 20 dollars for this awesome journal. It’s also a well-known book authored by Gretchen Rubin, although I haven’t had a chance to read it, but picking up this journal gives me the urge to run to the bookstore and pick it up. If anyone wants to join my in this initiative, feel free 🙂

Below is an example of what the journal looks like (I didn’t take the picture), there’s one line for each year and every page is a new day. It’s refreshing how there’s a quote at the top of each page. The quote for today’s date is “There are no new truths, but only truths that have not been recognized by those who have perceived them without noticing”- Mary McCarthy

Aside from my new project, I feel so relieved to finally be done the terms and finished all my exams. I am utterly relieved to be going home tomorrow to relax for the next week and hopefully get in a few nights of good sleep. I’m getting more excited to embark on my European adventure after Christmas, but slightly anxious about getting everything ready and getting to the airport- Canadian winters, my dear friends. I’m overly excited to go home and see my dogs again, eat lot’s of home cooked food, and see my loved ones.

Here’s a picture of my last day of studying for my anatomy exam! Glad to be done 😉