Month: December 2015

Fish Oil and Depression?

Recently met someone whom I opened up to about my struggles with depression over the past while. I silently questioned myself in debating whether I would struggle with this forever out loud. She looked at me and paused and then said “take a bit of cod fish oil daily”. I looked at her puzzled and […]

Mood of the Day

Seems this song has been on my mind for quite a bit of the day. Not sure why but makes me feel a bit relaxed. Can never go wrong with a little bit of Oasis. Cheers, M

The Unknown.

I seem to be growing up in a generation that doesn’t know how to appreciate what is in front of them, but also in a generation that is based off of anxieties and fears of the unknown, or the future some may call it. Whether it’s in our academic achievement, career possibilities, or even the […]

What is depression?

I recently stumbled upon this post when I was going through reddit and it perfectly sums up how I feel when my depression is at my worst. I am currently experiencing unmedicated depression. I have not been awake for more than a 90 minute period today. I have an exam in a subject I love […]

"Snap out of it"

A few days ago I had someone close to me tell me that my battle with depression was nothing but “sadness” and that I needed to “get the f*** over it” and to just “stop”. That i’m faking it and trying to gain sympathy from them in hopes that they will pity me and care for me. […]


There’s something about photographs that’s been lost with my generation. All our photos seem to be stored on our computers, phones, hard drives. It wasn’t until I went through the effort of actually printing photos out again did I realize how powerful they are at capturing how you felt at that moment. Sure, many of […]

The death of a relationship.

We started off long distance and we finished off long distance. Take it from someone whose relationship once consisted of mainly of FaceTime calls, snapchats, and instant messaging: long distance relationships suck. All this fancy technology is supposed to be great for keeping in touch and being able to stay connected, but it certainly has […]