Interesting finds.

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So today I found my old LiveJournal account and was creeping my old journal entries (set to private obviously), but wow has a lot changed since I first started writing. I think one of the things I found most exciting was the discovery of my bucket list from October 6, 2010. It made me excited to see how much I could technically cross off and what more I still need to do and see (and possibly eat).  Here’s the list below and under the list i’ll go point by point whether it was accomplished or not.

1. Go travel the world (alaska, australia, hawaii, fiji, england, sweden, japan, thailand, germany, italy, russia)
2. Live in banff
3.  Become a top urban planner
4. Swim with dolphins [check]
5. Make deans list
6. become vegetarian for 1 month
7. meet Sidney Crosby
8. Take professional pictures
9. Go to the Winter Olympics
10. Watch Canada’s men’s hockey team win GOLD πŸ™‚ …in person πŸ˜€
11. Win the lottery (can be a small amount like 1000)
12. See the Leafs win the cup
13. Get Proposed to while hiking in Banff (sooooooo pretty)
14. Skydive
15. Go to the REAL Oktoberfest in Germany!
16. Go build a school/ village in Africa for a summer
17.  Teach english in Korea or Taiwan
18. Learn to play the piano and violin
19.  Go to Time Square for New Years Eve
20.  Be an extra in a movie
21. Solve a rubiks cube
22.  Discover what makes me happy
23. Be the best at something
24.  Hold the Stanley Cup
25. Run 10k
26. Learn to snowboard
27. Sail around the world
28.  Ride the biggest roller coaster (whooo)
29.  Figure out my priorities
30. Learn to not be so passive

  1. Well I can manage to say I did hit up a few of those countries. I was fortunate enough to live in ENGLAND for the year! Also had a chance to visit one of my favourite countries with someone I truly cared about, Germany. Not normally a huge beer fan, but those Germans sure know what it takes to make good beer. Also had a chance to visit Italy a couple of times. I do feel my list has changed over the years, I really want to explore more of Canada (especially Newfoundland, BC, and the north) as well as visiting Ireland and Scotland to see where my ancestors are from. Oh and Thailand!
  2. If only I could. I think the older I get the more I want to live in a peaceful area and be surrounded by the outdoors. I would love to wake up everyday by the water or looking out towards the mountains. Hiking and learning to camp are some things I hope I will have a chance to learn and become better at in time.
  3. Welp. This has by far changed by a full 180 haha. I can’t wait to be the best RN I can be. I’m excited to see the impact that my patients will have not only on me, but the impact I will hopefully have on them. I’m excited for what I will learn and be taught and to hopefully make an impact in the field.
  4. Done πŸ™‚
  5. Although I could say I should have worked much harder, I did manage to accomplish this 4/5 years I was in Undergrad and for the most part I did incredibly well in my Master’s. Let’s see what nursing has in store for me!
  6. Never managed to do this, and not sure I really want to. Meat has some good benefits to it and i’m not sure I want to be on supplements and vitamins for a month. However, I wouldn’t rule it out if someone else were to join me and keep me on track.
  7. IT WILL HAPPEN! I did manage to become the owner of a Sidney Crosby autographed jersey if this counts since he DID touch it πŸ˜€
  8. Managed to get my professional head shots in 2014 and I still use them to this day πŸ™‚
  9. Again, this is one of my lifetime goals and I will be saving up to cheer on my country πŸ™‚
  10. See above.
  11. Well I did win 20 dollars if that counts?
  12. Let’s just hope this happens in my lifetime at the rate this is going. Slowly but surely we will get there and now we have Babcock, so let’s hope within the next 5 years.
  13. Still one of my fantasies. Just being out there makes my soul feel full and to be surrounded by so much openness makes me feel alive. It would be so fulfilling to be proposed here.
  14. Will happen one day. Was close to doing it at the beginning of the year, but you know EXAMS RUIN FUN.
  15. MARK MY WORDS, THIS WILL HAPPEN! However, ironically I will be moving to Kitchener in the fall, so I guess I will have to settle for their version until I have the dough saved up.
  16. I found my passion helping with a community health initiative in Costa Rica. I’m grateful for the people I met and the communities I served working for an organization that actually gives back to each community and ensures they are adequately looked after once volunteers leave.
  17. Not something I am particularly interested anymore. I do want to tutor English, but want to stay closer to home and focus on my studies and career here.
  18. I still want to learn the violin, but living with roommates and not having enough time to invest in this project has made it hard to do.
  19. One day πŸ™‚
  20. I could definitely use the $$$ that comes along with this and it’d be a cool experience to meet other people πŸ™‚
  21. Well……no comment.
  22. Growing older, I think this is a life-long process. I don’t think there is one source of happiness, I really do think the start of it comes from within. If you are not happy with yourself, how can you expect to be happy with anything or anyone else? Slowly I am finding happiness and I look forward to continuing my journey with this.
  23. I am the best at being myself…or bowling. I’m actually really good at that for some reason.
  24. I have a mini cup if that counts. But I do hope to hold the real one in time.
  25. Hopefully within the next year :). Starting slowly with some jogs, but I do want to compete one day, even if its just for myself.
  26. I did try to learn, but I decided I like skiing better (probably because i’m not super patient).
  27. Seasickness. That is all. Let’s just say I now hope to FLY around the world.
  28. I do love roller coasters but no time and parks are ridiculously expensive now πŸ™
  29. Well… school school school school.
  30. I would say i’ve slowly worked on this, but I could still work on not being so passive and actually take a firmer stance on more things.

Looks like I still have some things to catch up on, excited to see what lies ahead in 6 years time πŸ™‚

– M