Sick Not Weak.

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What an inspiring and fierce campaign that was launched by the SickKids Foundation. It’s empowering in a sense, in that there’s been a shift from sickness being seen as a weakness to battling sickness being seen as fierce.  Wonderful to see both patients and the staff who provide the necessary and often life-saving care presented in such a brave manner.

From the traditional heart-string provoking videos using song’s like Fix You by Coldplay to draw more sympathetic emotions from viewers, it’s a bold move in my opinion to set the background music to the rap song “Undeniable” by Donnie Daydream. It’s awesome seeing such an innovative organization taking strides away from traditional campaigns in gaining support for their fight and still tugging on the emotions of viewers. It’s touching to know that each of the kids featured in the video all have a story with their own illness and being a showcase of the amazing work SickKids has been able to accomplish in making a significant difference in not only their lives, but the lives of their families.

Only makes me more excited to enter a profession in which I can help be apart of a team that empowers patients into believing they are more than just their illness. Modern medicine has made so many advancements in healthcare technology, medicine, and in patient care, but the video is a great reminder in bringing forth the reality that the fight is not over.

What an inspiring campaign from a phenomenal organization. Just to put things in perspective at SickKids, more than 80 per cent of patients battling cancer survive, about 98.5 per cent of heart surgeries performed are successful, and the mortality rate from liver failure for intestinal diseases has dropped to less than 1 per cent, from what was about 22 per cent in 2000. Within 16 years, that’s a 21% drop!

I really encourage everyone to check out the relatively short video. Be inspired and in awe of the battle patients, researchers, and  their healthcare providers fight everyday. Without the funds that are raised through these campaigns the fight would not be possible.