The Harsh Truth.

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Have you ever used the “I’m too busy” excuse to avoid someone you felt you couldn’t see or something you didn’t want to do? Or were you actually busy? I think with friendships or even any relationship, there are code words we use with each other instead of just being direct, because we don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings. In today’s digital age there are so many ways to communicate with a person that the whole “I”m too busy” seems like a flimsy excuse used to avoid someone.

Yes, there are times when our lives seem to pile up with obligations from significant others or family members or friends or even school that makes getting together stressful. But even during those times, why not just be honest and specific “I have this and that going on but let’s reschedule something for this date/time” instead of “I’m not avoiding you I’m just busy.” When someone starts off a sentence like that, my first reaction is to think, “Well if you aren’t avoiding me why would you say that you aren’t?” Kind of like the person who brags or lies out loud, “I’m great at this” or “I’m a person who does this.” It’s like they’re trying to convince themselves that their statement is true when in fact it’s a lie, when they say it out loud.