To the Girl that Replaces Me.

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An open letter to the girl who replaces me.
I love him still, but that doesn’t mean I choose to hate you.
I’ve been trying so hard to understand why life and love sometimes don’t match up.
I guess you fit into his life and I didn’t, and I have to slowly work to accept that.
I only could ever want him happy, that’s all I ever strived to make him feel. Just to see his smile filled what used to be my completed heart.
I guess sometimes you have to give things up to make that happen.
I ask you to please take care of him and watch out for him.
To fight for him when he feels weak.
Be his best friend so he doesn’t have to be alone.
He will need you more than he realizes, how at one time that girl was me.
Whenever you may find yourself becoming frustrated and upset with him realize one day he might be gone.
Accept his flaws like I learned to. Because nobody in this world is perfect.
I lost him, but i’m so grateful for the memories we shared and the adventures we made.
I want you to know that he has a huge heart even though sometimes he won’t admit it.
Please take it into your hands and be gentle, don’t break his heart.
His heart belongs to you now.
Be assertive in steering him the right direction, but always be kind.
When he gets dressed up for a fancy event, remind him how handsome he looks.
When he’s being overly hard on himself, remind him how strong he is and compliment him. Remember to hug him just because.
Notice when he is stressed or upset, because he won’t always admit it.
Deep down, I know he has bigger dreams than he is confident enough to believe in.
I hope you remind him every day how handsome looks and how smart he is and that he is capable of it all. He won’t believe you, but don’t ever stop saying it because it’s the truth.
When he starts to get cocky, make sure to knock some sense into him. His head is big enough.
He changed my life for the better and I hope he changes yours.
He will make you see the world in a new perspective, and you too will start questioning things you never bothered to think twice about.
Maybe he’ll tell you one day about the past and the mistakes he made, it will now be your job to take his hands into your own and let him know you’re not judging him.
One day you might see a picture of me or be reminded of the gifts I once gave him and get upset.
Please don’t make him throw anything away.
He may be yours now, but I hope I still hold a place somewhere in his heart.
It would be a lie to say that i’m not jealous.
Jealous of the fact that you’re now the one he thinks about and you’re the reason behind his laughter and smile.
Deep down I’m happy that someone will experience the same or maybe even better love that I did.
I just wanted to say that this letter was for you and I hope you will feel just as loved as I did.
Just know that you have something I once valued most in my life.
I just ask you for one thing, please don’t ever hurt him.