Fix You.

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One of my favourite songs of all time.

Watching the video was a little emotional. Brings me back to my time spent in London this time last year. Seeing him run across Waterloo bridge, somewhere I used to walk across almost every day makes me miss how things were this time last year.

One of the few songs that almost makes me cry every time I hear it. Just that emotion behind the lyrics. That sense that it captures loss so perfectly. Hearing the crowd join in towards the end and the emotion that comes out is so powerful. Loss is something we as humans all experience and in a way its kind of bonding.

Can’t believe it’s almost been 11 years since this song was released. Also one of the best bands i’ve had the pleasure of seeing live. Hearing this song live for the first time and hearing the crowd sing every word to the song was incredibly emotional.

How many times I wish I could fix something and I couldn’t. It reminds me that sometimes it’s okay. It reminds me i’m not alone. Although the song is actually about grief and coming into terms with a loss of a loved one. How when tears flow down, he will try to fix the pain and sorrow being felt. In a way this song is comforting for all the loss i’ve experienced lately.

This song is for all of you struggling with depression, grief, loss, stress, or any other type of emotional response.