Life is in full gear right now.

I’m definately missing keeping up with my blog, but I’ve been finding it incredibly hard to find time to update. Hoping after this week things will start to settle down, but I realize I have a looooot to catch up on with school. How about that biochem or even more nerve wrecking the second round of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs).

I have quite a few blog post ideas that are running through my mind though and i’m pretty excited to get to it whenever I get the chance.

Crazy to think just a little over a year ago I was anxiously waiting for my acceptance to nursing school…and eventually after McMaster introduced new applicant processes that feeling that I had inside knowing that everything had fallen into place and in 4 (short? long?) years I would be known as Megan Simpson, R.N., HBHSc, MA….who knows where the future will take me. With the new changes being introduced into the nursing field by the provincial government and RNAO (namely being able to prescribe medication independently and communicating diagnoses to patients), it is an exciting time to be going into nursing!

It’s even more crazy to think that over two years ago I received my first acceptance to grad school at the University of Edinburgh. Although I ended up picking King’s College London for a multitude of reasons (namely living in one of the world’s best known cities), it would have been crazy to live in Scotland for the year.

But for now with having almost completed my first year of nursing, this is my current mental state:

Whoever said nursing school would be fun was definitely doing something, because the amount of work we’re expected to do on top of clinical and tests with multiple right answers is ridiculous….but at the end of the day, I think my favourite part is the people i’ll be able to call my colleagues down the line. The level of maturity, dedication, passion, and kindness runs far with everyone in this program and I really am excited to see where we will all be in 4 years from now.

All I can say is I have a new found respect for nurses, the amount of work that it takes to get to the status of RN is crazy. I don’t know how these young kids do it, because even with having done 4 years of undergrad at Western and a Master’s in ethics and law (I thought this was bad…), nursing is a whole new level of crazy….The amount of stuff we are expected to know and learn is more than most people can imagine, and no nurses do not just give bed baths (as the “joke” goes)…

Can’t wait to get back to updating my site soon!