Regardless if you are male, female, or identify with none of the above, I encourage you to wear red today. This isn’t about being an American, it’s about standing in solidarity with all our fellow sisters wherever they be in this world. We live in a world where many women don’t have the right to do things such as vote, receive an education, or drive. We also live in a society where women’s work is looked down upon and are paid less to the dollar for the same work that our male counterparts do. A society in which men feel they have a right to input their voice to control my reproductive organs. You know, the organ in which I carry and bleeds from my own body. W

omen are powerful. Women are beautiful. Women are intelligent. Yet, we as women are often looked down upon as being the weaker sex, “unable” to keep up with our male counterparts and thus deserve less pay, respect, and rights. Because really, a man is the one that pushes a huge mass out of a bodily orifice. Who birthed them into this world? A woman. Regardless of who raised them (although statistically a female), they came into this world in the same fashion. We all did and we will all continue to do so until some sort of biological/technological invention is created to allow men (or maybe even robots?) to bear children.

For those don’t understand what the movement in the South is supposed to symbolize i’ll try to break it down for you. The rationale behind the “strike” is meant to illustrate the role women play in society and highlight our value. It’s not about giving up – its about making the impact of our absence felt – so that we can showcase how crucial both the unpaid and paid work that women do is to the economy and society.  Women should be paid the same as men for doing the exact same jobs. It is in this kind of collective action that governments have been moved by to make real change in governmental policy.

It’s true not everyone can participate in this way (ex. nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, small business owners etc.), there are other ways you can send a message to people in power. We can wear red to spread awareness that when we come together, we come together in large numbers. We can choose to not spend money (except in women only or minority owned small businesses). Attend rallies to show your support if you get the chance. 

This isn’t just about rights, its about fighting against a system of bigotry, sexism, racism, and anti-immigrant ideologies. It’s about supporting women’s work, women’s rights to their bodies, and the right to be respected. With people like Trump running in positions of power being allowed to discriminate and belittle women it sends the message that this behaviour is acceptable and that women in fact are the lesser of the two sexes. This needs to stop. This is not acceptable and I hope that my future children will never have to grow up in a society where women are viewed as insubordinates to their male counterparts.

I support this movement as a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend, who sees a dangerous man in a powerful office who was elected despite his (at minimum) verbal assaults on women. A man who brags that he can do anything to a woman because of his power including sexual assaults. I will stand strong to show my daughter that women can and should be defiant. It means many things to different people. Don’t be complacent.

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

-Audre Lorde