Naturally, life is a bumpy ride. In the flash of an instant, it can go from being downright cruel to magnificent the next, but then it can hand you days where you feel like you are permanently wrecked. But, I am a firm believer in the fact that the universe will never hand us things that we won’t be able to get through. For that anytime I was knocked down by a wave, I came right back up stronger than I was before I went down with the tides. 

But it will suck you through a tsunami of tears, of unimaginable sadness and of heartache that you have never felt before. It will drag you into a dark abyss and remove all sense of being from you.

Sometimes days can feel like you’re climbing the tallest mountain in the universe. You spend weeks or even years preparing and practicing, but once you start to climb, it snows and it pours and you begin to lose your grip and footing on the path you are on. You will freeze with profound anger that will grab ahold of you at the worst times and be crippled by the unimaginable sadness that fills your soul. But, you know deep down that you have to decide to keep on trying. Get through every obstacle. Get through every storm or obstacle that comes your way.

You have to continue climbing, step by step, until you finally reach the top. And that my friends, will feel like magic. And it will be magic. Because you’re magic. 

And that’s just the thing about life. Just when you have hit rock bottom and feel like there is no point in living anymore, you’ll get the news that you got the job you always have wanted. You’ll meet someone new. You’ll get over your ex. You’ll make a great friend. You’ll celebrate a birthday.

And you’ll pop champagne just because.

And then the tears will fall once again. You’ll get lonely. You’ll feel alone and stung with rejection. You’ll have a death in the family. You’ll slide into depression. You’ll be in complete darkness once again.

But then one day, you’ll see the light again. You’ll wake up and remember the good you once felt inside of you. The things you are blessed to have and the opportunities you were given. You’ll feel again. The feelings that disappeared on you will come back and fill your soul again.

Don’t stop climbing. Don’t stop swimming. Don’t you dare give up. Because even though we go through devastation and wreckage, the days and years of magic make it all worth it.

Keep climbing for the magic. That sense of being and belonging. It will come one day. Just like it always has. 

Be strong <3