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1. 15 minutes of yoga a day 🙂
– I’ve found that hot yoga has greatly improved my ability to focus and feel a sense of relaxation. Plus you feel like you sweat out all the toxins in your body, and get a better sense of release compared to regular yoga. But both forms are great in making you feel more relaxed, motivated, and healthy.

vinyasa-yoga 1

2. 20 minutes of cardio a day
– Running or the elliptical has also been a huge help in making me feel more awake and it feels awesome being motivated by everyone else working out around you trying to be healthy. Plus with all the endorphins rushing through your body after a good workout, it makes for a better day. I think next year I definitely want to get involved in some spin classes to challenge myself in my workouts, I encourage everyone to get involved in something active and pick up a healthy habit!

3. Get up and stretch once in awhile!
I know I am guilty of sitting around a lot, especially when finals hit. It’s important to get up every once in awhile and give your body a good stretch. It’s definitely not just something you should only do after working out! It feels great to reduce the tension that often builds up in your body after a long day of working (or sitting).

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