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Why Cannabis Should Not be Legal in Canada.

Cannabis sativa, a species of Cannabis, is a flowering plant that is used in the creation of marijuana (United States Department of Agriculture, 2011). Although its use has been illegal in Canada since 1923, cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Canada, and the country has the third highest prevalence rate of marijuana […]

The Effect that Wealth has on Population Health

The relationship between health and wealth has become one of the most examined areas in the field of social determinants of health. The material studied in class has shown that social determinants of health such as income and workplace conditions have a greater impact on ones health than lifestyle factors. It has become clear to […]

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis

After watching the movie the Big Short, I decided to post my piece that I wrote for my business ethics course in my last year of undergrad. While the movie was slightly confusing, largely due to the fact I don’t have a business or economics background, I found the movie to be highly enjoyable. It’s […]