The Power of Empathy.

It’s not so much about sympathizing with people and making them feel better with things or with stories to please their ego. It’s about getting to the core of things with people. Connecting with them, feeling what they are feeling, relating to them and bringing no judgement into the situation at all. Next time you are the ear that listens, provide words that don’t fulfill an ego/mind story and see how much of a difference it makes for the other person.

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To All My Fellow Healthcare Professionals.

Yesterday I moaned and complained about having to go to my Community Service Learning class (albeit it’s once a month) because I felt it was completely redundant and useless. No other nursing school starts placement in the community until second year, so why did we have to sit through this? Shouldn’t this just be inherent knowledge? I mean it’s pretty obvious we’re all caring, intuitive, and kind individuals going into a profession that is often taken for granted.

The truth is, no one in nursing school, healthcare aide programs, or even medical school teaches you the skills of compassion or empathy. How can they? I spent the whole class wondering why we were talking about this or the need to embrace diversity in the healthcare setting, seem’s like common sense, no?  The answer to that is a big solid no, and I spent a long drive reflecting on some of the things i’ve come across whether on social media, in class, working with older adults, and even in a book i’m reading called ‘A Nurse’s Story’ by Tilda Shalof (I suggest this book to all!!! I have never laughed, cried, felt so overwhelmed by the job, and appreciated nurse’s as much as a should have prior to reading this).

There’s no memorization from a textbook on what to say to a patient who is dying, a script to cover how to hold the hand of a patient going through a violating and painful procedure on their own, or even a manual on how to console a family who just lost their loved one. There’s no instruction book on what to say to a patient who can’t bathe them self or when you’re cleaning them up after they defecated or threw up all over the place because they can’t control their bowel movements. How do you deal with a patient who is going through  dementia and becomes aggressive with you or starts shouting or trying to place an IV into the restless, frightened and tired child who was kept up all night from being ill? Putting in the IV is textbook, anyone could do it with skill and practice but there’s no textbook on how to interact or console the young child. I don’t find learning the skills to be hard, I mean all we have to do is practice. Anatomy all I need to do is memorize and review. I find the hardest part of nursing to be learning to interact and converse with a patient. How during my own OSCE sitting with a standardized patient going through the early stages of dementia, all I could think about was “what the heck do I talk to you about, I don’t know anything about you and how to comfort you????”, rather than how do I conduct a Mental Status Exam or collect the patient’s blood pressure, O2 saturation, and TPR (temperature, pulse, and respirations).

On another aspect, I came across a picture on Facebook a few days ago of a scantily clad young woman passed out at a party that had defecated herself, while her fellow partygoers mocked her and uploaded pictures to social media. It was incredibly in-dignifying, sad, and messy seeing the young woman in such a vulnerable state. What was even more sickening were the comments of people judging her and making fun of her, it made me angry to see people be so inconsiderate, soulless and cruel. We’re humans, we all make mistakes and this woman while likely made a poor judgement call should never have had her mistake uploaded for the world to see. One thing that did strike me were the comments of fellow healthcare aide’s and professionals because like them my first reaction would have been to find materials to help clean her up, whether it be finding something to dispose of her “waste”, some wipes to helps clean her up, and a fresh set of clothes, as well as checking in on her vitals to make sure she was okay. Regardless of how “disgusting” it is to see human waste coming out of her body, she’s a young woman who deserves the right to her dignity and protection of her privacy. But again, it wasn’t until today that I really appreciated having a lecture on diversity and empathy because I realize those are things that cannot be taught whether it be in a classroom or textbook.

To be honest, it’s scary working in such close quarters with a patients and learning to interact with them, but it’s also incredibly rewarding at the same time when you finally find that grounding. I’m starting to feel more confident in my abilities and willingness to learn to skills and continue to become an empathetic, kind, and compassionate healthcare professional but I also know it’s going to be a work in progress. It’s not easy though to not judge someone or feel like you don’t owe someone something, after all we are all human at the end of the day. As our society becomes more diverse, it’s going to be interesting learning to interact with patients of all ages, sizes, occupations, creeds, and ethnicities. Regardless of whether I agree or not with someone who does not share the same values as me (ex. “White Supremacy”), they are still entitled to a duty of care and respect even if it means putting aside my own thoughts and feelings.

Looking back at my own “practical experiences”, my first shift working at a Senior Care agency with an older gentleman going through the terrible and irreversible condition of dementia was my first eye opening experience. I was told the individual would be pleasant although a bit stubborn, little did I understand how in an instant dementia could change a person’s demeanour in the blink of an eye. I walked in, introduced myself, and sat down to eat lunch with the man, and the first thing the man did was shout at me telling me how much he hated it being in assisted care and wanted to go back to bed. Trying to convince the man to stay in a calm manner, he began to use his wheelchair to return to his room where much to my dismay went to sleep calling me “mean” because I was trying to encourage him to take a few bits of his pudding to get some food into his body. To some this seems like it’s not a big deal, but to any healthcare provider, it’s hard to stay compassionate or kind in situations like this but we do it because we care regardless of whether or not the individual takes a liking to us.

It’s funny because I remember my first day at Western back in 2011 and being asked who wanted to be a doctor that over 300 out of the 340 kids raised their hands and out of this 200 wanted to work with kids. I realize to obtain my goal i’m going to have to work incredibly hard to compete with some of the best and brightest and I realize even when I get there my work will be incredibly hard, depressing, but also rewarding. Like I said in the beginning of my nursing school journey, I would be interested to see where four years will take me in terms of where my interests lie, and it’s already been one term and i’ve started to find my niche. I thought I would never make it to this point going through the personal struggles and self-doubt I encountered late last year, but 2017 has brought a new found confidence and stride in me and I am ready to face the challenges that sit in front of me. I’m doing all of this for me in the hopes that someday I can make a difference in the life’s of people going through what is often a vulnerable, frightening, and tumultuous period in their life.

I’m not sure i’m cut out to work with an older population. I really struggle to find the ability to connect with patients and find common ground. Along with being a labour and delivery nurse, I always thought for some reason geriatrics would be an area that would interest me, after all that is where most of the patient demographic will sit when I finally enter the world as an RN. But after spending weeks working with young kids whether it be in a community hockey program, helping out with a hockey tournament, or even interacting with the children of fellow friends, I have found a new interest in paediatrics and it makes me so excited at the possibility of getting placements in this area in future years. After years of convincing myself I didn’t like kids, I have a new found interest, curiosity, and passion with working with them. I remember growing up being fascinated at working at SickKids Hospital and entering those doors everyday as a doctor saving lives and eventually telling myself I wasn’t good enough to work in healthcare. But now, I found a renewed passion in it and I must say I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but I hope to work my way to getting into a NICU or PICU and helping the sickest of the sick hopefully  be able to go home and grow up to be amazing individuals with all the potential in the world.

But in all honesty i’m incredibly proud to be part of a cohort of people looking to take care of others and for the most part striving to make a difference even though many people often take us for granted. Without these individuals putting aside their judgements and personal problems we would never have a healthcare system like the one we have now and for that I am incredibly proud of the people who put in many hours to take care of us and our loved ones as well as the hours of study and practice to become competent professionals.


The days.

You don’t know how many mornings I wake up, wishing to see a good morning text or even just a hello.

How many nights I lie awake wanting to ask you how your day was, if you need anything, or that I wish I could see you.

They say time heals old wounds, but I feel like the longer we’re apart the more I miss you and wonder about you. It makes me realize how important you were in my life. I don’t even know why I write in this tense, it’s not like you’d even read anything I wrote on here.

I miss being there to cheer you up, having you here to make me smile when I feel down, or even just relaxing with a glass of wine and a few cans of beer watching Netflix. I started a new show a couple days ago called Narcos. I know you’d enjoy it just as much as I do.

I think about how I would have been attending your brother’s wedding with you next weekend. How excited I was to be part of such a special day for your family and see your extended family again. I really loved how I felt like family and I never felt unwelcome no matter where we met them. I wish I could bring you lunch every so often, so that I could make sure that a) you were eating healthy and b) you were making time to eat. How we could make time to destress, even though we both have busy schedules. I miss watching you referee, even though I was freezing half the time or had a million things to do. I didn’t mind making the time because I liked being there to support you in a weird way.

It makes it hard to think that only one year ago I was in London, England, talking about how much I missed you and how I wish we would be celebrating our anniversary together, trying to encourage you to visit me. It’s funny to think back to how you tricked me into thinking you weren’t going to be able to visit me on your reading week. That memory will last me a life time, in that I am so grateful we got to spend that one week together because that made such a big turn around in my overseas experience.

I wish I could take the world off your shoulders just like you did for me, when I thought I couldn’t live alone across the ocean or how when I failed and you were there to pick me right back up. I miss just talking to you and seeing you, even if sometimes I could only see you for a short amount of time. It was worth it, and the tears I shed when I left we would part were real. I really did feel connected to you and being apart was always hard because I never felt like we had enough time, I always wanted to spend more with you to learn amount you, to laugh with you, but most of all to love and be loved.

There’s so much I want to talk to you about, how many changes are going on and what’s going on right now. The past couple weeks hasn’t been easy, and i’m sure it hasn’t been easy on you too. We both carry a lot of guilt i’m sure for how we handled things and what happened and what was lost. I wish you were here to talk about things.

Thinking back, i’m still hurt by some things that happened and what was said. I know you may not have meant them, but sometimes I don’t think you understand how words can hurt. I wish we could just talk because we’re both empathic and solve our problems easily. It just feels easy with you, since day 1 I have always found it easy to talk to you about anything and everything. I know you feel the same and I know things about you that I know other people will never know.

I miss you friend and I hope you’re okay. Stay out of trouble you scrub.


Why do I want to be a nurse.

I’ve postponed writing this post for weeks, so much has happened and it’s taken me awhile to really sit down and focus. It’s taken me a while to compose my thoughts and orchestrate them into a post. I’ve honestly felt really lost the past few weeks with everything that’s been going on and it’s taken me a bit of time to feel grounded and motivated again.

I wanted to write this in my first year of nursing to see how my views and attitude will change over the next three years and even after I enter the profession.

I chose this path for a reason, I wanted to be part of profession that is well respected and hands-on.  Something that I had a ton of space to grow, whether one day I move into bioethics, policy, or even business management. A job where I would constantly be on my feet and challenged physically, emotionally, mentally, and ethically. I wanted to be part of a profession that sought to make a difference in the lives of people, whether on a small scale (ex. hospital care) or on a large scale (ex. public health or health policy). A job where I would be on my feet, constantly challenged to learn new things and adapt to a constantly changing landscape.

I recognize that nurses are often underrated compared to the prestige of a physician, dentist, or even eye doctor. People always questioned me as to why I chose nursing rather than having to try for medical school. To be honest, I wanted to play a large role in the live’s of my patients. When you listen to the narratives of either the patient or their loved ones, you often hear stories of how the nurse made a difference in caring for their child, parent, grandparent, or friend. How it was the nurse who knew that the patient hates the sight of needles or needs to have their teddy bear whenever a treatment is administered. It’s the nurse that has the time to get to know their patients, to hold their hand when they are alone at night or have no visitors, its the nurse that is at your bedside when you are uncomfortable, and its the nurse who is there to try to boost your spirits when you’re feeling down.

The stories I have heard of coworkers, family, and friends talking about how the nurse made such a difference for them that they developed long-standing relationships with them. Stories of inviting nurses to the wedding of their children whom they cared for during their illness or surgeries. How they still make every effort to keep in touch with the nurse they felt cared so much about them and their loved one that it still positively impacts their lives years later. Seeing how grateful they are for the care and compassion their nurses showed during the long stays in the hospital, often during crucial times, really opened not only my eyes but also my heart. You don’t realize how important having a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare practitioner is until you need them the most.

We’re there for all the tiny questions people may have. We’re there during the outbreaks of the flu and other infectious disease. We put your lives in front of our own at times because that’s just the type of people we are. We are here for you and will be there for you when you need us even if sometimes it goes beyond what is expected of us.

I realize not every shift is going to be a good shift. There are going to be days when I am so exhausted with my own troubles that I have to put on my best self to care for my patients. That I have to put the needs of my patients above my own even after 3 days of doing 12 hour shifts. But wait, many nights it won’t be the set hours I’m given, I will be there beyond my call because that is what is expected of me and what my patients require from me. There are going to be days when I will breakdown from stress, when I will cry my heart out because I lost a patient who should have lived, someone who was a child or a parent or even a sibling. Days when I feel overwhelmed with everything I have to do, whether it be patients requesting my help, or having to skip my lunch or break to continue charting, or even being there to support a patient who is too scared to go through treatment alone and wanted someone there for them.

There will be times when I have to be the strong one for the patients loved ones as they grieve for their loss or recognize the situation is going downhill. Times when I will have to show the patients loved ones, that I am human too and I grieve with them during these darks times. I am going to have days when I sing to the Lord that a patient miraculously lived, that the patient can walk again, or even for the first time in a long time the patient opened their eyes. How heartwarming it will be to see the patient and their family walk out of the hospital feeling hopeful and on the way to recovery. Or even more exciting seeing a patient walk back into the hospital when at the time it looked like there was no hope for them or even seeing a patient years after they have left my watch. How emotional I will be the first time a patient thanks me for not only being their nurse and helping them get better, but that because of the actions of my team and I, they have renewed faith in our healthcare system.  Times when I will feel angry that my voice was not heard, or that I couldn’t give it my all, or even angry at the patient for choosing a path that went against my own views. How ethically I will be challenged on a continual basis (ex. should a 14 year old get an abortion without their parents knowing? Does this 50 year old chronically and severely depressed patient really want to be euthanized?). There will be days when I feel incompetent at not being able to figure something out and wonder why its not working. How I will spend hours trying to figure out the best practice to help my patients feel better, even though I’m not being paid extra to do so.

Most of all I want every shift that I do to be one where I go out of my way to make my patients feel safe, happy, and comfortable. I want to go home knowing that I did my best, even if sometimes it may not feel like it.

I’m excited to look back and see how my views will constantly change. I know right now I am most interested in maternity nursing, but it will be interesting to see where I end up. Will my path change in that I choose to work internationally? Will I choose emergency medicine, orthotics, community nursing, or geriatrics?

Who knows at this point. What is known is that I am excited to enter this profession and soak up every bit of learning I can in order to make a difference in the lives of my patients and the communities they live in. Let’s see what the next four years bring.


Humble & Kind

One of my favourite songs at the moment.

Some words I have always tried to live by. No matter how rough the waters get or how much things are getting to me, I will always try my best to be kind to those around me. Kindness goes a long way, people will remember the integrity you took to be kind in moments of darkness.

I think this song could relate to most of us. Taking a moment to really listen to the lyrics you can take a lot out of the song. Compared to a lot of the music out there, it’s refreshing to listen to a song with actual meaning behind it. How much support many of us have had to get where we are going or where we are at, we need to turn around and thank those who helped along the way. It’s easy to let success get to us, but it’s also a reminder that even in times where you feel alone there is always someone out there willing to help you get to where you want to go. Don’t forget to thank the “little” people along the way. As I believe kindness goes a long way.

“Don’t expect a free ride from no one
Don’t hold a grudge or a chip and here’s why:
Bitterness keeps you from flyin’
Always stay humble and kind”

“Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you
When you get where you’re going don’t forget turn back around
And help the next one in line
Always stay humble and kind”

Maybe I am too forgiving at times, but I do believe people make mistakes and that they have the potential to be better. I don’t hold grudges because I don’t find it’s a good use of my energy and it prevents you from moving forward in your life. Beat ’em with kindness is what I always tell myself. I think it catches people off guard when you remain positive and calm.

This song just makes me feel grateful to be where I am today. How thankful I am to be alive and be loved by so many. How I am grateful to wake up everyday and be able to see, hear, and feel everything around me. That I am fortunate to be able to pursue my goals. While things haven’t always been easy for me and I still fight to keep my depression at bay, I am so grateful to be challenged. I know one day everything will pay off. Every obstacle, detour, or hurdle that got in my way, will one day be a small blip on my radar and contributed to my growth as a person.  I’m not going to let things or people stop me from pursuing my goals or dreams. I’m tired of hearing people around me tell me that i’m “weak” or that I am not capable of doing something, because the funny thing is I know I am capable. The thing about me is when I put my mind to something, there’s no stopping me. I just smile, because when you remain kind it serves as a nice way to turn around to thank people who didn’t support you along the way, for pushing you to get to where you got to.

I think my favourite thing to hear are stories of people who reached the epitome of success and are still humble and kind enough to give back. Recently I read a story of Lebron James giving 30 million dollars to fund the educational endeavours of teenagers pursuing higher education. We need more people like that. While it’s undeniable he was graced with immense talent, it took an army of people to get him to where he went and pursue his dreams. It’s amazing to see someone try to help give back and allow other kids to pursue their dreams, an otherwise unlikely feat. It’ll be amazing to hopefully read their success stories in the future, after all these are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Take a moment of your day to watch the video, enjoy the song, and remember always stay Humble & Kind.


  • M




I’m actually really excited for this new website layout. I feel like it looks much more professional, clean, and relaxing compared to my old layout. I also really like the logo in the top corner. I think as my blog continues to expand and gain more views I want to learn how to code, design my own layouts, and possibly move to an actual domain one day. Not now though, got way too much on my plate to learn, but any tips on where to start would be greatly appreciated if anyone has anything to share :).

The picture i chose is from last summer when I was up near Sault Ste Marie and around Lake Superior trying to catch some fish (aka Salmon) in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Every time I see this picture it makes me smile inside and brings me a lot of happy memories. It makes me think back to what I was feeling at the time, how excited, sad, and nervous I was to leave behind those I love to pursue graduate studies overseas and better my future prospects. Then here we are today, as I sit here at the airport ready to leave for Taiwan to see my family and take a break before I start my next adventure with Nursing.  Crazy to think that one year ago, I was spontaneously flying to Sault Ste Marie for the weekend to cheer up someone who was feeling sick. It makes me excited, but also sad to think about all the changes that have occurred over the past few months, and what I had envisioned things would be like.

Tis is life though, the ups and downs of what to expect. I’ve started to appreciate the little things in life more. It’s comforting to have a morning coffee every morning before work, or to relax in bed and curl up with a good book. How quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. Even though my depression crept back up throughout the summer, I must say I am starting to feel a lot better about things and learning to take things one step at a time again. One day I hope I can look back and feel like my depression is completely gone and all the anxieties I once had will disappear into the distant past. Maybe I should add that to my bucket list for when I hopefully look back in 6 years time.

I’m excited for what lays ahead. I’m excited for the challenges of balancing work and school, setting the bar high for myself because I know I am more than capable. I’m lucky I have awesome people all around me who look to protect and care for me when I need it most. I can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring me in Taiwan and i’m so lucky I had an unexpected opportunity to get to go. Life is full of amazing things and I must say I am quite lucky and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to take such a big trip. After having not seen my mom’s side of the family for close to eight years, i’m excited to see all the changes and sight see….and of course eat!

Here’s to new adventures!


– M

Tips for International Students

For those of you planning to pursue your education goals away from home, congrats! It is a huge step to make and I know how daunting it can be to start off fresh in a new country. I am so grateful for the experience I had at King’s College London and I hope those starting off in the fall will also have am awesome experience. London is by far one of my favourite cities and I am so glad I took a leap of faith and took the opportunity I had to study at such a institution.

I decided to compile a list of helpful tips from my own experience to hopefully shed light on some of the questions/fears/anxieties many of us “freshers” will have settling into a new adventure. I know it was around this time that I was nervously starting to prepare all my things in preparation for the big move.

  1. It’s normal to feel lonely. I know I felt it, it was rough the first few weeks settling into London. I was terrified to be alone and explore and meet new people, but I was lucky in having people who loved me support me through it and help me take it one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to go to new events, there’s hundreds of people in the exact same situation, put yourself out there and have fun.
  2. Budget! Ha. London was expensive lets be honest, I wish I had been better at budgeting but I guess life is all about living and learning. It was nice to have money at the start, but the worst feeling is counting your pennies at the end. If you feel like you can balance a part-time job then I would say go for it, it’s nice to have a little bit of extra spending money and plus you have the potential to meet new friends and connections! I would definitely recommend settling into your new routine first before embarking on a job hunt.
  3. Packing. I would say I packed too much. I know its hard to know what you need, but honestly I would say pack what you know 100% you will use. If you are unsure whether you need it, put it to the side and think over it for a bit. My tragic flaw is I love everything and I always feel like i’m going to “need” it, but the truth is most things you can just buy a “cheaper” version if need be and a)sell it at the end or b) toss it. It saves a ton of hassle and stress when it comes time to move out.
  4. Cooking. One of the best things someone bought me was a slow cooker. Man that thing saved me the hassle of standing over a stove all day and fed me well for 2-3 days at a time. I made chicken, chilli, salmon, etc. and saved a ton of money (and fat) trying to eat in more often.
  5. Buy used. Try to find things used, like kitchen supplies. Students are always selling things and you can usually find things for dirt cheap if you look hard enough. I wish I had taken advantage of this prior, but I would say if you want to save money, you can save big here!
  6. Student discounts. Seriously, ASK even if you THINK a place doesn’t have a student discount, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how many places do. You have no idea how many times I wanted to face palm because I forgot to ask and it was too late. Sign up for things like UniDays and other student discount sites, because saving 10-15% can go a long way, especially if you like to shop and eat.
  7. Take advantage of events at your school, things like “touring parliament or the Tower of London”, are awesome to take apart in and you save a lot of money and time this way. Organized tours are great and you can meet other young people interested in the same things as you.
  8. Get involved with your international student groups. It’s nice to feel at home with people from your own country, but at the same time its comforting to meet other people going through a similar transition as you. I was happy to meet people from all over the world by taking part in international student events at KCL. It can be hard to push yourself to go, but it never hurts to try one event.
  9. Don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisor about what you are going through. I was so glad I had a supportive supervisor who made me feel comfortable with transitioning into a different education system and who made sure I was doing okay living on my own.
  10. Take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Sometimes being so far from home was draining on me, but take advantage of events going on, find a group of people who make you feel comfortable and call home or friends when you feel like you need that extra bit of support. Staying connected with those at home can help make your transition back a little easier. I wish I had taken the effort to stay connected to more people back home instead of only focusing on those I just met. It’s important to stay balanced.

I know this isn’t everything I have off the top of my head, but it is a start and I do plan to update this list as things come to me.

– M

Interesting finds.

So today I found my old LiveJournal account and was creeping my old journal entries (set to private obviously), but wow has a lot changed since I first started writing. I think one of the things I found most exciting was the discovery of my bucket list from October 6, 2010. It made me excited to see how much I could technically cross off and what more I still need to do and see (and possibly eat).  Here’s the list below and under the list i’ll go point by point whether it was accomplished or not.

1. Go travel the world (alaska, australia, hawaii, fiji, england, sweden, japan, thailand, germany, italy, russia)
2. Live in banff
3.  Become a top urban planner
4. Swim with dolphins [check]
5. Make deans list
6. become vegetarian for 1 month
7. meet Sidney Crosby
8. Take professional pictures
9. Go to the Winter Olympics
10. Watch Canada’s men’s hockey team win GOLD 🙂 …in person 😀
11. Win the lottery (can be a small amount like 1000)
12. See the Leafs win the cup
13. Get Proposed to while hiking in Banff (sooooooo pretty)
14. Skydive
15. Go to the REAL Oktoberfest in Germany!
16. Go build a school/ village in Africa for a summer
17.  Teach english in Korea or Taiwan
18. Learn to play the piano and violin
19.  Go to Time Square for New Years Eve
20.  Be an extra in a movie
21. Solve a rubiks cube
22.  Discover what makes me happy
23. Be the best at something
24.  Hold the Stanley Cup
25. Run 10k
26. Learn to snowboard
27. Sail around the world
28.  Ride the biggest roller coaster (whooo)
29.  Figure out my priorities
30. Learn to not be so passive

  1. Well I can manage to say I did hit up a few of those countries. I was fortunate enough to live in ENGLAND for the year! Also had a chance to visit one of my favourite countries with someone I truly cared about, Germany. Not normally a huge beer fan, but those Germans sure know what it takes to make good beer. Also had a chance to visit Italy a couple of times. I do feel my list has changed over the years, I really want to explore more of Canada (especially Newfoundland, BC, and the north) as well as visiting Ireland and Scotland to see where my ancestors are from. Oh and Thailand!
  2. If only I could. I think the older I get the more I want to live in a peaceful area and be surrounded by the outdoors. I would love to wake up everyday by the water or looking out towards the mountains. Hiking and learning to camp are some things I hope I will have a chance to learn and become better at in time.
  3. Welp. This has by far changed by a full 180 haha. I can’t wait to be the best RN I can be. I’m excited to see the impact that my patients will have not only on me, but the impact I will hopefully have on them. I’m excited for what I will learn and be taught and to hopefully make an impact in the field.
  4. Done 🙂
  5. Although I could say I should have worked much harder, I did manage to accomplish this 4/5 years I was in Undergrad and for the most part I did incredibly well in my Master’s. Let’s see what nursing has in store for me!
  6. Never managed to do this, and not sure I really want to. Meat has some good benefits to it and i’m not sure I want to be on supplements and vitamins for a month. However, I wouldn’t rule it out if someone else were to join me and keep me on track.
  7. IT WILL HAPPEN! I did manage to become the owner of a Sidney Crosby autographed jersey if this counts since he DID touch it 😀
  8. Managed to get my professional head shots in 2014 and I still use them to this day 🙂
  9. Again, this is one of my lifetime goals and I will be saving up to cheer on my country 🙂
  10. See above.
  11. Well I did win 20 dollars if that counts?
  12. Let’s just hope this happens in my lifetime at the rate this is going. Slowly but surely we will get there and now we have Babcock, so let’s hope within the next 5 years.
  13. Still one of my fantasies. Just being out there makes my soul feel full and to be surrounded by so much openness makes me feel alive. It would be so fulfilling to be proposed here.
  14. Will happen one day. Was close to doing it at the beginning of the year, but you know EXAMS RUIN FUN.
  15. MARK MY WORDS, THIS WILL HAPPEN! However, ironically I will be moving to Kitchener in the fall, so I guess I will have to settle for their version until I have the dough saved up.
  16. I found my passion helping with a community health initiative in Costa Rica. I’m grateful for the people I met and the communities I served working for an organization that actually gives back to each community and ensures they are adequately looked after once volunteers leave.
  17. Not something I am particularly interested anymore. I do want to tutor English, but want to stay closer to home and focus on my studies and career here.
  18. I still want to learn the violin, but living with roommates and not having enough time to invest in this project has made it hard to do.
  19. One day 🙂
  20. I could definitely use the $$$ that comes along with this and it’d be a cool experience to meet other people 🙂
  21. Well……no comment.
  22. Growing older, I think this is a life-long process. I don’t think there is one source of happiness, I really do think the start of it comes from within. If you are not happy with yourself, how can you expect to be happy with anything or anyone else? Slowly I am finding happiness and I look forward to continuing my journey with this.
  23. I am the best at being myself…or bowling. I’m actually really good at that for some reason.
  24. I have a mini cup if that counts. But I do hope to hold the real one in time.
  25. Hopefully within the next year :). Starting slowly with some jogs, but I do want to compete one day, even if its just for myself.
  26. I did try to learn, but I decided I like skiing better (probably because i’m not super patient).
  27. Seasickness. That is all. Let’s just say I now hope to FLY around the world.
  28. I do love roller coasters but no time and parks are ridiculously expensive now 🙁
  29. Well… school school school school.
  30. I would say i’ve slowly worked on this, but I could still work on not being so passive and actually take a firmer stance on more things.

Looks like I still have some things to catch up on, excited to see what lies ahead in 6 years time 🙂

– M