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Study finds many Millennials spend Christmas alone.

   Mind has today released research into the different responses of different generations to the pressure of Christmas as part of its Christmas campaign. Key findings include: One in ten Millennials [25-34 y.o.] have no one to spend Christmas with compared to one in 20 older people [65+] (10% vs. 5%) Half of Millennials (48%) worry […]

Tips for a stress free Christmas.

With the holidays coming up, one would think that it would be an incredibly joyful time. I however, find the holidays particularly daunting, especially with all the functions i’m expected to go to and spending money on gifts. It’s a little different going into the holidays when you suffer from depression, although I am in […]

Day 18-22

Well it’s been awhile! Toronto had a major ice storm come through and create havoc for thousands of people across the region. Lost power for two days! I did get a bit lazy though when the power did end up coming back haha. I was fortunate though, there are some people that I know of […]

Day 13

Woke up a few times throughout the night as usual. Still rough trying to sleep through most of the night, miss those days. Saw the family doctor today though, she decided to up my dosage since the two week mark is when you know whether or not how effective the medicine will be usually. It […]

Day 12

Woke up bright and early to meet a family friend, who was going to take me to meet her trainer friend. He was supposed to teach me some exercises to elevate my mood and energy levels, as well as learning some ways to eat healthier. However, plans fell through so it will be rescheduled for […]

Day 11

Hello there! These are the flowers I was talking about yesterday. They look prettier in person, but the colours were really nice to wake up to this morning. I love the smell too haha. It was a really nice gesture by my mom to welcome me home and try to lift my mood since I […]