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Gleams of Sunshine

Many might wonder why I chose to name my website, ‘Gleams of Sunshine’. To me it’s symbolic of life, we all strive for those gleams of sunshine in our lives. Everyone has their ups and downs in life and sometimes the sun can be blocked by clouds, making our life darker then it needs to be. […]

Day 3

Yesterday was okay, I made it through the day without a single tear shed. I still felt really anxious for the majority of the day and I was so exhausted sitting through all my classes. I had to take a 2 hour nap in between the two lectures, which I normally wouldn’t have done. I […]

Five Stages Of Depression | Thought Catalog

Came across this article tonight, thought I would share. I feel think I am somewhere in the fourth stage. It really struck me reading the first paragraph and then going further. It makes me optimistic to reach the final stage of acceptance at some point. On the onset of a major depressive episode, sufferers will […]

Day 2

I lie awake in bed again, all day I have felt this anxious sensation in the pit of my stomach. My mind keeps tormenting itself by having flashbacks to some of the cruel things people have said to me in recent times. It really hurt to be called crazy, it stings so much still. I […]

Day 1

It’s been one day since the official diagnosis. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I just had so many thoughts racing through my head over what I was feeling and what was going on. The amount of support and love from my family and friends was highly overwhelming for me to be honest. I had […]

"Gradually and then Suddenly"

“Some catastrophic moments invite clarity, explode in split moments: You smash your hand through a windowpane and then there is blood and shattered glass stained with red all over the place; you fall out a window and break some bones and scrape some skin. Stitches and casts and bandages and antiseptic solve and salve the […]

The First Stage: Denial

I recently came across a great quote that does a pretty good job at describing depression: “It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling— that really hollowed-out feeling.”- J.K Rowling […]