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7 Things Nurses Deal with that Make Others Freak Out.

By: Lee Nelson Being a nurse involves seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and dealing with some of life’s not-so-pleasant things. Nurses face it all from the grossest to the most stunning situations that would make the normal person squirm or run. They build up an immunity to it, but it’s still something that can make them very […]

What is depression?

I recently stumbled upon this post when I was going through reddit and it perfectly sums up how I feel when my depression is at my worst. I am currently experiencing unmedicated depression. I have not been awake for more than a 90 minute period today. I have an exam in a subject I love […]

"Depression is NOT a Mental Illness"

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jamie-flexman/depression-mental-illness_b_3931629.html This is a post I happened to find awhile ago, but I kept forgetting to share about the misconceptions about depression. Take some time to read the short blog entry and feel free to share! Feel free to let me know your thoughts or share other articles you may have come across, it’s been […]

Day 16

Finished my puzzle today! Took three days and 1000 pieces later + a sore back and bruised knees. It feels nice to accomplish something like this though 🙂 Here’s the finished product: Also saw my counsellor today. Mostly talked about how things were going and what some of my thoughts were. He suggested I would […]