Sick Not Weak.

What an inspiring and fierce campaign that was launched by the SickKids Foundation. It’s empowering in a sense, in that there’s been a shift from sickness being seen as a weakness to battling sickness being seen as fierce.  Wonderful to see both patients and the staff who provide the necessary and often life-saving care presented in such a brave manner.

From the traditional heart-string provoking videos using song’s like Fix You by Coldplay to draw more sympathetic emotions from viewers, it’s a bold move in my opinion to set the background music to the rap song “Undeniable” by Donnie Daydream. It’s awesome seeing such an innovative organization taking strides away from traditional campaigns in gaining support for their fight and still tugging on the emotions of viewers. It’s touching to know that each of the kids featured in the video all have a story with their own illness and being a showcase of the amazing work SickKids has been able to accomplish in making a significant difference in not only their lives, but the lives of their families.

Only makes me more excited to enter a profession in which I can help be apart of a team that empowers patients into believing they are more than just their illness. Modern medicine has made so many advancements in healthcare technology, medicine, and in patient care, but the video is a great reminder in bringing forth the reality that the fight is not over.

What an inspiring campaign from a phenomenal organization. Just to put things in perspective at SickKids, more than 80 per cent of patients battling cancer survive, about 98.5 per cent of heart surgeries performed are successful, and the mortality rate from liver failure for intestinal diseases has dropped to less than 1 per cent, from what was about 22 per cent in 2000. Within 16 years, that’s a 21% drop!

I really encourage everyone to check out the relatively short video. Be inspired and in awe of the battle patients, researchers, and  their healthcare providers fight everyday. Without the funds that are raised through these campaigns the fight would not be possible.

Motivation in 20 Minutes.

Honestly. I’ve been so into motivational speeches lately and why do I do things the way I do and how can I do it better. If you’re not developing and growing as an individual, you’re dying. I’m always seeking to better my potential and figure out how is it that I can better myself to better the people around me. I love being inspired, am drawn to finding success and unlocking my own happiness, and enjoy the puzzle of trying to build a better Me. Sometimes, I get stuck or put myself in a position where I don’t know how to change things or wonder why when I do something it’s not fulfilling enough.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

– Tony Robbins

I’m not into the cuddly, fluffy, bull crap that’s often tied to life coaching. So I was skeptical to hear of Tony Robbins from my friend who had also gone through so difficult times in his life. I love the use of taboo language, it shocks you back into reality and that’s what makes him such an enticing public speaker.

For those too lazy to watch the video (although I encourage you to watch it!), here are some quick notes:

  • Decision is the ultimate power: Decisions shape destiny; Decisions shape our culture.  You can get emotional fitness and psychological strength.
  • Two primary forces that shape us:
    • Our State:  Physical/Emotional. If we get the right emotion, we can motivate ourselves to do anything (ex. if you’re creative enough, if you’re fun enough).
    • Long-term: Our model of the world (our filter), the shaper of meaning, emotion and action. That’s what’s shaping us. That’s what makes people make decisions.
  • The defining factor is never resources (Time, Money, Technology, Contacts, Experience, Management) – its resourcefulness (Emotion, Creativity, Determination, Love & Caring, Curiosity, Passion)
  • 6 Human Needs. Robbins says our 6 human needs are: certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection, growth, contribution. We have a need for certainty until we are certain, and then we need surprise and variety.  We have a need to stand out and be significant and make our mark on the world, but we also have a need to blend in and be part of the crowd.  We have a need to experience growth and to make our contribution and give back to others.

As individuals we all have the ability to make a positive impact in our communities, workplaces, and across the world, and it’s all up to us, as individuals, to overcome our fears to reach that potential.





Why do I want to be a nurse.

I’ve postponed writing this post for weeks, so much has happened and it’s taken me awhile to really sit down and focus. It’s taken me a while to compose my thoughts and orchestrate them into a post. I’ve honestly felt really lost the past few weeks with everything that’s been going on and it’s taken me a bit of time to feel grounded and motivated again.

I wanted to write this in my first year of nursing to see how my views and attitude will change over the next three years and even after I enter the profession.

I chose this path for a reason, I wanted to be part of profession that is well respected and hands-on.  Something that I had a ton of space to grow, whether one day I move into bioethics, policy, or even business management. A job where I would constantly be on my feet and challenged physically, emotionally, mentally, and ethically. I wanted to be part of a profession that sought to make a difference in the lives of people, whether on a small scale (ex. hospital care) or on a large scale (ex. public health or health policy). A job where I would be on my feet, constantly challenged to learn new things and adapt to a constantly changing landscape.

I recognize that nurses are often underrated compared to the prestige of a physician, dentist, or even eye doctor. People always questioned me as to why I chose nursing rather than having to try for medical school. To be honest, I wanted to play a large role in the live’s of my patients. When you listen to the narratives of either the patient or their loved ones, you often hear stories of how the nurse made a difference in caring for their child, parent, grandparent, or friend. How it was the nurse who knew that the patient hates the sight of needles or needs to have their teddy bear whenever a treatment is administered. It’s the nurse that has the time to get to know their patients, to hold their hand when they are alone at night or have no visitors, its the nurse that is at your bedside when you are uncomfortable, and its the nurse who is there to try to boost your spirits when you’re feeling down.

The stories I have heard of coworkers, family, and friends talking about how the nurse made such a difference for them that they developed long-standing relationships with them. Stories of inviting nurses to the wedding of their children whom they cared for during their illness or surgeries. How they still make every effort to keep in touch with the nurse they felt cared so much about them and their loved one that it still positively impacts their lives years later. Seeing how grateful they are for the care and compassion their nurses showed during the long stays in the hospital, often during crucial times, really opened not only my eyes but also my heart. You don’t realize how important having a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare practitioner is until you need them the most.

We’re there for all the tiny questions people may have. We’re there during the outbreaks of the flu and other infectious disease. We put your lives in front of our own at times because that’s just the type of people we are. We are here for you and will be there for you when you need us even if sometimes it goes beyond what is expected of us.

I realize not every shift is going to be a good shift. There are going to be days when I am so exhausted with my own troubles that I have to put on my best self to care for my patients. That I have to put the needs of my patients above my own even after 3 days of doing 12 hour shifts. But wait, many nights it won’t be the set hours I’m given, I will be there beyond my call because that is what is expected of me and what my patients require from me. There are going to be days when I will breakdown from stress, when I will cry my heart out because I lost a patient who should have lived, someone who was a child or a parent or even a sibling. Days when I feel overwhelmed with everything I have to do, whether it be patients requesting my help, or having to skip my lunch or break to continue charting, or even being there to support a patient who is too scared to go through treatment alone and wanted someone there for them.

There will be times when I have to be the strong one for the patients loved ones as they grieve for their loss or recognize the situation is going downhill. Times when I will have to show the patients loved ones, that I am human too and I grieve with them during these darks times. I am going to have days when I sing to the Lord that a patient miraculously lived, that the patient can walk again, or even for the first time in a long time the patient opened their eyes. How heartwarming it will be to see the patient and their family walk out of the hospital feeling hopeful and on the way to recovery. Or even more exciting seeing a patient walk back into the hospital when at the time it looked like there was no hope for them or even seeing a patient years after they have left my watch. How emotional I will be the first time a patient thanks me for not only being their nurse and helping them get better, but that because of the actions of my team and I, they have renewed faith in our healthcare system.  Times when I will feel angry that my voice was not heard, or that I couldn’t give it my all, or even angry at the patient for choosing a path that went against my own views. How ethically I will be challenged on a continual basis (ex. should a 14 year old get an abortion without their parents knowing? Does this 50 year old chronically and severely depressed patient really want to be euthanized?). There will be days when I feel incompetent at not being able to figure something out and wonder why its not working. How I will spend hours trying to figure out the best practice to help my patients feel better, even though I’m not being paid extra to do so.

Most of all I want every shift that I do to be one where I go out of my way to make my patients feel safe, happy, and comfortable. I want to go home knowing that I did my best, even if sometimes it may not feel like it.

I’m excited to look back and see how my views will constantly change. I know right now I am most interested in maternity nursing, but it will be interesting to see where I end up. Will my path change in that I choose to work internationally? Will I choose emergency medicine, orthotics, community nursing, or geriatrics?

Who knows at this point. What is known is that I am excited to enter this profession and soak up every bit of learning I can in order to make a difference in the lives of my patients and the communities they live in. Let’s see what the next four years bring.


Humble & Kind

One of my favourite songs at the moment.

Some words I have always tried to live by. No matter how rough the waters get or how much things are getting to me, I will always try my best to be kind to those around me. Kindness goes a long way, people will remember the integrity you took to be kind in moments of darkness.

I think this song could relate to most of us. Taking a moment to really listen to the lyrics you can take a lot out of the song. Compared to a lot of the music out there, it’s refreshing to listen to a song with actual meaning behind it. How much support many of us have had to get where we are going or where we are at, we need to turn around and thank those who helped along the way. It’s easy to let success get to us, but it’s also a reminder that even in times where you feel alone there is always someone out there willing to help you get to where you want to go. Don’t forget to thank the “little” people along the way. As I believe kindness goes a long way.

“Don’t expect a free ride from no one
Don’t hold a grudge or a chip and here’s why:
Bitterness keeps you from flyin’
Always stay humble and kind”

“Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you
When you get where you’re going don’t forget turn back around
And help the next one in line
Always stay humble and kind”

Maybe I am too forgiving at times, but I do believe people make mistakes and that they have the potential to be better. I don’t hold grudges because I don’t find it’s a good use of my energy and it prevents you from moving forward in your life. Beat ’em with kindness is what I always tell myself. I think it catches people off guard when you remain positive and calm.

This song just makes me feel grateful to be where I am today. How thankful I am to be alive and be loved by so many. How I am grateful to wake up everyday and be able to see, hear, and feel everything around me. That I am fortunate to be able to pursue my goals. While things haven’t always been easy for me and I still fight to keep my depression at bay, I am so grateful to be challenged. I know one day everything will pay off. Every obstacle, detour, or hurdle that got in my way, will one day be a small blip on my radar and contributed to my growth as a person.  I’m not going to let things or people stop me from pursuing my goals or dreams. I’m tired of hearing people around me tell me that i’m “weak” or that I am not capable of doing something, because the funny thing is I know I am capable. The thing about me is when I put my mind to something, there’s no stopping me. I just smile, because when you remain kind it serves as a nice way to turn around to thank people who didn’t support you along the way, for pushing you to get to where you got to.

I think my favourite thing to hear are stories of people who reached the epitome of success and are still humble and kind enough to give back. Recently I read a story of Lebron James giving 30 million dollars to fund the educational endeavours of teenagers pursuing higher education. We need more people like that. While it’s undeniable he was graced with immense talent, it took an army of people to get him to where he went and pursue his dreams. It’s amazing to see someone try to help give back and allow other kids to pursue their dreams, an otherwise unlikely feat. It’ll be amazing to hopefully read their success stories in the future, after all these are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Take a moment of your day to watch the video, enjoy the song, and remember always stay Humble & Kind.


  • M




I’m actually really excited for this new website layout. I feel like it looks much more professional, clean, and relaxing compared to my old layout. I also really like the logo in the top corner. I think as my blog continues to expand and gain more views I want to learn how to code, design my own layouts, and possibly move to an actual domain one day. Not now though, got way too much on my plate to learn, but any tips on where to start would be greatly appreciated if anyone has anything to share :).

The picture i chose is from last summer when I was up near Sault Ste Marie and around Lake Superior trying to catch some fish (aka Salmon) in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Every time I see this picture it makes me smile inside and brings me a lot of happy memories. It makes me think back to what I was feeling at the time, how excited, sad, and nervous I was to leave behind those I love to pursue graduate studies overseas and better my future prospects. Then here we are today, as I sit here at the airport ready to leave for Taiwan to see my family and take a break before I start my next adventure with Nursing.  Crazy to think that one year ago, I was spontaneously flying to Sault Ste Marie for the weekend to cheer up someone who was feeling sick. It makes me excited, but also sad to think about all the changes that have occurred over the past few months, and what I had envisioned things would be like.

Tis is life though, the ups and downs of what to expect. I’ve started to appreciate the little things in life more. It’s comforting to have a morning coffee every morning before work, or to relax in bed and curl up with a good book. How quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. Even though my depression crept back up throughout the summer, I must say I am starting to feel a lot better about things and learning to take things one step at a time again. One day I hope I can look back and feel like my depression is completely gone and all the anxieties I once had will disappear into the distant past. Maybe I should add that to my bucket list for when I hopefully look back in 6 years time.

I’m excited for what lays ahead. I’m excited for the challenges of balancing work and school, setting the bar high for myself because I know I am more than capable. I’m lucky I have awesome people all around me who look to protect and care for me when I need it most. I can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring me in Taiwan and i’m so lucky I had an unexpected opportunity to get to go. Life is full of amazing things and I must say I am quite lucky and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to take such a big trip. After having not seen my mom’s side of the family for close to eight years, i’m excited to see all the changes and sight see….and of course eat!

Here’s to new adventures!


– M