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Find your balance.

How awesome would it be to do yoga on a beach right about now? Makes me way too excited for summer and actually having nice and hot weather. Definitely one of my life goals to be able to go and find some peace and quiet on a beach somewhere through a meditation or yoga retreat […]


Looking for a cool guided mediation session online to practice on your own? Turn up your speakers and have a look at this UCLA link for some free guided mediations. It even gives you a link for those who are new to the technique to start with the 5-minute breathing mediation. All the podcasts are […]

Free podcast.

While roaming around online, I came across some free podcasts from the University of Oxford called the “New Psychology of Depression”, so I thought I would share it with others. It’s a bit dated (October 2011), but I feel it would still be relevant to many people. In total there are 10 podcasts, with some […]