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The Effect that Wealth has on Population Health

The relationship between health and wealth has become one of the most examined areas in the field of social determinants of health. The material studied in class has shown that social determinants of health such as income and workplace conditions have a greater impact on ones health than lifestyle factors. It has become clear to […]

The Effects of Globalization and International Trade in a Global Village

Globalization  has quickly allowed countries to become more interconnected and closer than ever, due to the technological advances that have taken place, especially within the last century.  It is a process that involves powerful forces that in turn reshape local cultures and environments on an ever-intensifying scale (Spradley & McCurdy, 2012).  Yet, the process has […]

The World Bank’s View of ‘Sustainable Development’ and its Impact on Addressing Social and Environmental Concerns on Indigenous Populations in Indonesia

Sustainable development has become a frequently discussed topic in development circles over the years. The word has often been used to replace concepts such as “progress” and “modernization” and has become apart of a unifying concept for many development activities (Estes, 1993).  The concept of sustainable development was first drawn upon by the Brundtland Commission […]

The Impacts of Climate Change: The Implications on Human Health.

One of the greatest threats to human health in developed societies is climate change. There is now consensus among scientists confirming the existence of global warming, due in part to rising greenhouse gas emissions as a result of human activity (Anstey, 2013).  Climate change is widely recognized as a major threat to human health due […]