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1. Empathy.

2. Compassion for myself, there’s no need to be so hard on oneself.

3.  Dogs are a girls best friend.

4. Sometimes you have to let go of the things you want to hold on to so tightly.

5. All you need is a little bit of sunshine.

6. Friends who stick by you during your toughest moments are the real treasures.

7. There’s never only one way to look at things

8. Relationships are a two way street. Don’t invest in someone who doesn’t invest in you.

9. Don’t be afraid to take some risks.

10. Not every moment in life needs to follow a plan, sometimes impromptu moments make for the best moments.

11. Learning to say no. You can’t please everyone in life, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to.

12. Relaxing can be good for you.

13. Always keep in touch with those you love, you never know what can happen.

14. You don’t always need to receive something, the feeling of giving someone something is an even better feeling! Karma is a real thing.

15. Slow down, and enjoy life 🙂

16. Learn to try new things, the practice of yoga has helped relax me so much.

17. Listen to what your gut tells you, it’s almost always right.

18. Learn to be happy being on your own, if you can’t make yourself happy, how can you expect to make someone else happy?

19. Don’t feel the need to always have to compete with other people.

20. People come and go out of your life, learn to live with it.

21. Money can’t buy true happiness.

22. Keep an open mind. Don’t feel pressured to have to conform to what everyone else is thinking.

23. Learn to ask for help and don’t feel ashamed about doing so.

24. Love freely and openly.

25. Smile often 🙂

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